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We start by performing an assessment that takes into account the needs of every stakeholder in your organization.

ITAD Planning

Next, we plan and build a program designed to meet your organization’s specific ITAD requirement.

Your ITAD requirements are different from that of another organization, which is why we offer customized solutions.


ITAD Execution

We help you create an enterprise-wide ITAD plan and execute it responsibly with our efficient processes.

Who We Are

Lifespan International, with a proven expertise in IT Asset Disposition spanning over 15 years, is a preferred ITAD partner to global brands, well known corporate entities and government departments. Our innovative approach to data destruction, sanitization, re-marketing, and recycling is recognized by Gartner and approved by other certifying authorities.

Lifespan is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Trox.

Our capabilities combine a comprehensive, enterprise-wide ITAD program to achieve cost-effective, efficient processes that maximize the value of asset returns, and eliminate any risk associated with precious data and the environment.


Compliant Data Destruction

We start by performing an assessment that takes into account the needs of every stakeholder in your organization.

Compliant, responsible recycling and disposal of all IT equipment.

Technology Recycling

Resale and Value Recovery

We resell your used IT assets, and recover maximum value for you.

EZ-Cycle® Services

Fast, affordable, and convenient disposal of unwanted technology.

Chain of Custody Services + EZ-Scan

100% security of hardware and sensitive data – from pick-up till destruction.

Logistics Management

We pack and securely transport any quantity, anywhere in North America.


Our Solutions

Our Services

When it’s time to manage your next Data Center Teardown or Cloud Migration, let Lifespan take over your worries. The process of Data Center decommissioning, ensuring secure data destruction, remarketing of unwanted enterprise equipment and logistics management could be challenging, as you will need to focus on a refresh, consolidation or a migration. With over 30 years of ITAD expertise, we have a proven track record in providing decommissioning and asset recovery services to enterprise clients across North America.

Making Migration Go Smoothly

Get higher investment returns even after your technology products’ active lifecycle ends. Lifespan’s IT Remarketing service assures better value for your retired IT assets.We have local, regional, national and international wholesale channels for your used technology.

Maximize Returns on Retired Assets

I.T. Resale

Data Center Services

Lifespan’s Logistics Management team uses efficient resources – right from packing at your end to our facility for processing, swiftly and securely.

Any Quantity. Anywhere.

Logistics Management

Our Lease Returns program is headed by a team that has spearheaded multi-billion-dollar leased asset portfolios at leading international leasing companies. Their combined experience gives Lifespan an in-depth understanding of your needs and the know-how to meet them.

Profit From Our Lease Experts

I.T. Leasing

Shred Trucks

Just Shred it! ON-SITE.

Our 5 ton shredding trucks can shred 600 drives per hour and over 10 drives a minute at your location. Transporting hard drives and other loose media with sensitive data comes with significant risk. Lifespan’s shredding trucks allow companies the option to safely and securely destroy their data bearing media on-site, eliminating the risk associated with the job. Destruction services include: on-site shredding and degaussing of tapes and hard drives; destruction of classified materials; and incineration services.

Lifespan’s EZ-cycle® Box is designed to provide simplified recycling solutions for small businesses, multi-site locations, and remote offices. With an EZ-cycle® Box, disposing of obsolete IT equipment is as easy as throwing it away, without facing any penalty or legal issues.

Smart Recycling for Small Businesses

EZ-cycle® Box

Lifespan recycling expertise is certified by the most rigorous industry standards and audited regularly to ensure professional care of your retired IT products. At every stage of our process, we take care to minimize carbon footprint, pollution and toxic waste.

We Recycle Responsibly

IT Recycling


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